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Joan ~ Trainer

Joan has her CFL1 and has been training at WM S&C since 2016. She came to WM S&C with a background of endurance running and wanted to use CrossFit as an addition to her training runs for half marathons. She fell in love with it and went from crossfitting to coaching because she loves to help people be their best selves. Joan also is a registered nurse and a mom of 3. She strongly believes in the core values of WM S&C to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle at any age or limitations.

Kim Haggerty ~ Owner & Head Trainer  

Kim has her CFL1.  Kim was an elementary art teacher for 10 years.  A year after Grace was born, Kim made the decision to be home with her while working towards opening WM S&C.  Kim loves to lift and loves fire breathing workouts!  Her favorite part of coaching is helping someone attack and conquer a goal!  She really loves to help people understand and learn about making a fitness routine work for their individual needs.  She loves the community that WM S&C has become. 

Every trainer at CF 853 genuinely cares about your goals.  The amount of one on one attention you will receive in our classes is bar none.  Our goal is to help first and give you the best hour of your day, guaranteed.  There is nothing we want more than to help you break barriers and become what you dream to be.            

"We rise by lifting others"  Robert Ingersoll

Eric ~ Trainer

Eric has his CFL1. He had the opportunity to “come up” through the WM S&C community as an athlete. The community and coaches fueled his admiration for the sport and made him want to pursue more knowledge within the CrossFit world. Eric has a love for all sports and truly appreciates the aspect that WM S&C prepares one for the physical demands of life, athletics, and the unforeseeable. Eric finds his greatest fulfilment in creating a bond with others and helping people not only hit their goals but exceed them.

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Kelly ~ Trainer, Photographer 

Kelly has been training for 5 years.  She has her CFL1.  Kelly shares the same passion for coaching as she does her photography.  She strives to help people through any and every angle that she possibly can.  With her patience and willingness to help others, Kelly plays an extremely important role in helping athletes achieve their goals at WM S&C.

Sarina ~ Strength Coach  

Sarina earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2011, and has been working full time as a physical therapist since then.  She comes from an athletic background, and played sports throughout high school as well as softball in college.  In 2012 she was introduced to Crossfit, and through that found weightlifting.  Weightlifting is a sport of strength and power, but is also very technique and skill driven, which makes it all the more appealing.  She has been lifting competitively since 2014, and has had the privilege of training with several national level coaches and lifters including Donny Shankle.  In 2015 she became a USAW certified Sports Performance Coach, which has afforded her more opportunities to share her knowledge and love of weightlifting with others.  Sarina has a passion for helping people and believes that exercise, when performed correctly and safely, is a means for both healthy living and rehabilitation from injury.

Steve Haggerty ~ Owner & Head Trainer

Steve has a CFL1, CFL2 and Mobility certification.  His favorite part about being a coach is helping someone achieve their goals.  Steve is extremely passionate about coaching and helping all levels of athletes.  He will go the extra mile for you!