We keep our class sizes small to give you the ultimate training experience with the absolute best trainers around!  We are the only gym in the area that has top quality small group instruction!

CrossFit ~ CrossFit is functional fitness performed at high intesity!  it is for everyone, we scale and modify all movements to meet every athletes abilities.  CrossFit is the perfect blend of all the movements needed to excel in any sport.  we include barbell work, accessory lifts, cardio, conditioning, mobility, weightlifting and powerlifting in our programming along with body weight movements and single modality work like running and rowing.  this is the ultimate full body workout! 

Conditioning ​~ this class is 40 minutes long and includes the perfect blend of  cardio, core strengthening movements, topped off with kettlebell and dumbbell movements.  we do not use the barbell in this class, instead we concentrate on speed, agility, and conditioning the whole body!  join us if you are ready to sweat!  this class is awesome for beginners too.


Strength ~ an hour long class in which we concentrate on teaching the techniques of olympic weightlifting.  the lifts are the clean and jerk and the snatch along with accessory work, and additional lifts that will help maximize your potential in weightlifting which include but are not limited to squats, jerks deadlifts, snatch and clean pulls.  

Open Gym ~ we have some extra times in our schedule that our members can come in and do some extra credit.  this is a perfect time to work on some extra conditioning, mobility, make up a missed WOD, or start a strength training program of your own.​​​​  this is not a time to try new things, but more of a time to perfect the things you are working on getting better at.

Personal Training~ for any client who would like to work one on one with a trainer. 

Yoga ~ perfect for anyone looking for anyone looking to unwind and release muscle tension from training hard or the any other types of stressors.  this hour long practice will help you move in and out of poses that can be challenging if you'd like them to be, but more importantly are geared towards recovery, mobility and flexibility.  


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