We keep our class sizes small to give you the ultimate training experience with the absolute best trainers around!  We are the only gym in the area that has top quality small group instruction!

​CrossFit ~ We combine all the elements in this class; which makes the best recipe to get you the fittest the fastest!  In 60 minutes you will get the best workout of your life, everyday.  We incorporate a healthy dose of lifting, conditioning, and mobility into every class.  Every level of athlete can do this class!

Conditioning ​~ This class is 40 minutes long and includes the perfect blend of  cardio and core strengthening movements, topped off with kettlebell and dumbbell movements.  This class is sure to make you sweat and burn fat!  


Strength ~ This class is all about lifting!  We concentrate on form and technique while slowing down the pace a bit.  This class is sure to get you stronger than you have ever been while building lean muscle mass!

Open Gym ~ The gym is open for you to come in and do whatever extra credit you would like to reach your fitness goals!

Personal Training~ for any client who would like to work one on one with a trainer.


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