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We keep our class sizes small to give you the ultimate training experience!  

Outdoor Group Class ~ AGES 15+, We combine all the essential elements of fitness in this class which assures THE MOST results!  In 60 minutes you will get the best workout of your life; everyday! We have the absolute best community and coaches around!  We incorporate a healthy dose of lifting, conditioning, and mobility into every class.  Every level of athlete can do this class because we are masters with modifications and scaling for everyone no matter their fitness level.  Beginner athletes as well as elite athletes will get a great workout no matter what!

Barbell ClassThis class is small for the ultimate personal training experience.  This class is short in length but effective in efficient in helping you to get stronger.  We focus on one of the major barbell lifts and some accessory work during this class.  It is suitable for all levels.  

Personal Training (one on one with a coach) ~ For any client who would like to work one on one with a trainer to gain the most from any training experience.