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"The way you do something is the way you do everything".  At WM S&C we put our all into everything that we do.  Our dynamic team of trainers will help you every step of the way, we teach and reteach and drill home the importance of training safely, effectively, and efficiently.  You will learn how to listen to your body and gauge your intensity level so you can achieve optimal results.  Our priority is to take great care of our community and we go through great lengths to do exactly that.  Are you ready to start your fitness journey?  Start by calling 908-502-7969 to set up a consult. 

We take pride in the quality of our product and the level of expertise in which we maintain in our coaching methods, which is why we aren't the cheapest gym around.  If you are looking for results and a wonderful place to train with a top notch community then WM S&C is for you, but don't forget - we are not your typical gym - we are MUCH more!

​​Drop in FEE:  $25.00

New Athlete Intro Sessions:  New athletes who would like to learn in a personal training setting before they jump into the group classes.  This optional package includes three one on one personal training sessions with a head trainer and will be scheduled according to both the trainer's schedule and yours.  $150.00    

Unlimited Classes:  This pricing plan includes FREE goal setting meetings with the owners, unlimited classes and access to all our programs, and a WODIFY account which keeps track of all the awesome progress you are guaranteed to achieve! $135.00 a month 

Open Gym:  This is an optional add on for our members only where you can have access to the gym 24/7.  We do not sell open gym only memberships. $25.00 a month 

Punch Card:​  10 classes $200.00 (expires 90 days after date of purchase)


Student Unlimited:  $90.00 a month (must be in school and show proper I.D. to age 22)

Personal Training Rates:  $55.00 per session   

We offer a same household/family discount, contact us for more information.